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Corporate Governance is becoming increasingly important across all sectors, large or small, private or public. This programme offers an in-depth knowledge and sound understanding of governance related subject matter to enhance standards of best practice.

Designed Specially For

  • CEOs, Chief Executives and Directors looking to expand their knowledge on corporate governance
  • Heads of Departments, Officers and Consultants responsible for corporate governance
  • Seniors Managers and Managers being groomed for governance responsibilities
  • Public Sector Leaders, Industry Leaders, Policy Makers, Academics involved in governance matters
  • Anyone interested to pursue a career in the areas of corporate governance

What Will You Learn

  • The Fundamentals of Corporate Governance
  • Risk Governance and Management
  • Making Governance a Reality

How Will You Benefit

  • Understand the core corporate governance framework
  • Gain insight into the importance of implementing good governance practices
  • Increase practical knowledge and skills to make governance work for their organisations
  • Demonstrate commitment to strengthen applications of good governance
  • Develop a strong foundation to support a career pathway in governance
  • Gain opportunity to network with governance practitioners

For registration and further information, please connect with our Professional Certification Team.

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