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MIM has been grooming thousands of leaders to achieve even bigger success through our Job of the General Manager programme since 1998.

Tailored to suit the current business landscape, this year’s Job of the General Manager 4.0’ is designed to support your career advancement and equip you with all the right skills to succeed.

Delivered by faculty who have taught in top global companies and carry vast hands-on experience as practitioners within Asia, JOGM 4.0 is designed to support your leadership impact and organizational performance.


Managing for Performance

02/08/202103/08/20212 Days Seats Available
According to a recent survey, only 40 percent of executives are considered outstanding managers. How can companies build...

Understanding & Managing Risk

04/08/202105/08/20212 Days Seats Available
Risk, from an organisation’s perspective is the probability or likelihood of a threat materializing. The threats could be...

The Secret Of Effectiveness: Time Management

16/08/202117/08/20212 Days Seats Available
The key to effectiveness is finding the balance between the clock and the compass. Organizations and individuals find...

Cost Reduction and Profit Improvement Strategies

16/08/202117/08/20212 Days Seats Available
Customer Service Blueprinting Shrinking bottom lines and declining profit margins have made it imperative for organisations to manage...

High Impact Transformational Coaching

16/08/202116/08/20211 Day Seats Available
The keys to leadership & managerial effectiveness today: High-Impact & Transformational Coaching!Among the various employee development and performance...

The New Leadership Paradigm and Breakthrough Results

18/08/202119/08/20212 Days Seats Available
LEADERSHIP IS A CHOICE! When you make the choice to lead in your life, you must know who...

Enhancing Analytical & Creative Thinking Skills

23/08/202124/08/20212 Days Seats Available
Practicing good housekeeping is essential for any individual, unit of work, business, organization, society, etc. The Japanese introduced...

Advanced Presentation Skills for Leaders and Managers

01/09/202102/09/20212 Days Seats Available
To be a professional presenter, you need to position yourself and your ideas in a way that will...

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