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The 12 Win-Win Conflict Management Strategies

Written by G. Eric Allenbaugh, Ph.D. Think of a time when you experienced significant conflict with another person – at work or at home. Considering how the situation evolved, to what extent do you and the other party feel satisfied with the result? Following the conflict, did the relationship stay the same, improve, or deteriorate?… Keep Reading

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Linking Authentic Leadership With Employee Initiative Behavior and Task Performance: The Mediating Role of Emotional Sharing and Communication Satisfaction

JEONG SIK KIM1, JONG GYU PARK2 , AND HYUN JUNG PARK3 As competition between companies intensifies and uncertainty increases, it is becoming important to try new adjustments in order to achieve performance in line with these environmental changes. In addition, companies are in a situation where they have to put forth various efforts to enhance… Keep Reading

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