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Facilitation skills is one of the most important competencies professionals need today!

Facilitation is increasingly being recognised as a valuable skill for leaders and managers to effectively lead and manage the ‘process’ of organizing work with groups during meetings, project planning workshops, management retreats, change management programme, team building events, training, etc… the list is endless.

To get the most of these activities including generate participation, create active engagement, foster true collaboration, empower people and, harness the wisdom within the participating members, skilled facilitation is a critical success factor!

MIM’s Facilitation Skills programme offers the participants the opportunity to learn, practice and gain feedback on the art and the science of facilitation in this workshop led by an experienced and certified facilitator, in both face to face and online facilitation in a safe and supportive environment.

Designed Specially For

  • Leaders, managers, project team members, officers and executives who regularly lead meetings, workshops, discussion sessions and wish to make them more effective by using structured facilitation process and techniques.

What Will You Learn

• Understand facilitation and its role in an organisation
• Identify and understand facilitation competencies
• Learn and apply how to design facilitation process and select appropriate facilitation techniques for effective outcomes
• Learn how to manage participant dynamics
• Hone facilitation skills through the practice sessions
• Reflect on areas for improvement based on the feedback received

How Will You Benefit

• Increase engagement and participation in meetings, discussions or workshops
• Enhance employee/participant accountability and responsibility
• Improve meeting, discussion or workshop efficiency and outcomes
• Develop leadership skills
• Improve interpersonal and communication skills
• Support organisation development and change management initiatives
• Nurture creative thinking and problem solving skills
• Improve planning and time management skills

For registration and further information, please connect with our Professional Certification Team.

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