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Learn on the Go with MIM Digital

The Malaysian Institute of Management’s latest offering, MIM Digital, enables you to upskill your workforce virtually.


Our engaging bite sized online programmes provides learners with the flexibility to gain knowledge wherever they are.


Companies will be able to view their talents learning journey through a comprehensive and easy to understand reporting system provided by MIM Digital.

MIM Digital is here to help you develop a culture of learning in your company by engaging your talents through:

Skill-Based Collaboration

Work Place Application


Social Learning

Virtual Programmes on MIM Digital


In uncertain times, it is important for leaders to rise to the occasion and lead their team with confidence and resilience. In this programme, we will uncover how leaders can show their agility and ability to shift their mindset, drive change and ensure successful implementation of the new strategies and action plans. 


First time managers usually face a huge challenge of managing delivery along with learning how to set goals, motivate teams, manage team conflict, ensure a high-performance culture

In this programme , we will help first time managers to understand the challenges associated with managing people and build the right skills needed to overcome them.


Faced with multi-faceted risks in the recent months due to Covid-19, organisations must move quickly to turn these risks into opportunities to remain sustainable. In this programme, we will uncover how organisations can accelerate their readiness to exploit the opportunities open to them by re-designing their mindset and their approaches in managing risks. 


Gone are the days of completely co-located teams where your entire team worked under the same roof. It is more likely that the norm to work from a different location is here to stay.

In this programme , we will help managers and leaders to manage virtual teams, ensure team engagement and achieve high productivity.


Due to the geographical decentralization of key decision makers, advancements in video technology, social responsibility initiatives to reduce carbon footprint, and now COVID-19 social distancing practices, virtual selling has become a critical skill.

This programme addresses best practices for prospecting, business case development and sales closing through digital platforms. At the end of this programme you will have the knowledge and tools to fully conduct and close sales cycles virtually.


Communication is one of the most important factors influencing the success of organizations and individuals. Communication errors and misunderstandings can result in lost opportunities, lost productivity and worst of all, lost customers. 

This programme combines concepts developed through research with a prime model and key tools that give you the skills you need to communicate more clearly. The solution is not more communication, but clearer communication.

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