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The business world is moving faster and faster. This speed presents challenges for leaders at all levels. Achieving outcomes, keeping up to date and developing capability is both increasingly challenging and increasingly important. Today’s leaders need to provide feedback, guide and direct people to achieve results, manage performance, develop capability and engage team members. All these leadership actions take place in coaching conversations.

Many leaders struggle with these conversations or misunderstand the role of coaching as a leadership tool. Leader as Coach will help you perform as a better leader and help take your organization to the next level.

Designed Specially For

  • Senior Leaders, Directors, Executives and HR Professionals 
  • Rising leaders, supervisors and managers
  • Individuals who are passionate about supporting the growth and success of others 

What Will You Learn

  • How to develop rapport, authenticity and trust in interactions 
  • How to use self-awareness and active-listening to be truly ‘present’ 
  • The skill of asking powerful questions to facilitate insight 
  • How to guide conversations to actions and commitments 
  • Techniques to adjust coaching approaches according to context … and more!

For registration and further information, please connect with our Public Programme Team.

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