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Our Role & Values

We are the National Management Organisation in Malaysia, established to serve as the Centre of Management. We function as a:


Fostering a culture of professionalism to uphold our mandate and responsibilities as the professional National Management Organisation of managers and management practitioners.

Learning Organisation

Creating an organisation which is continuously learning by promoting personal mastery, team learning, best practices, shared vision and adopting a system approach for continuous improvement.

Team Collaboration

Bringing together the collective knowledge, skills and experience of team members to synergise and contribute to organisational development, improvement and performance.

Knowledge Sharing

Creating a symbiotic environment of knowledge sharing among team members by ‘helping each other’ and through ‘close collaboration’.

Open Culture

Fostering a positive environment that promotes openness to suggestions, ideas and opinions.

High Performance

Promoting a culture of high performance based on merit – to aspire for excellence rather than mediocrity.


Practising integrity in thought, speech and action.

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