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Scentia To Bring In Australian-Accredited Post-Graduate Programmes To Malaysia – TMR (13/10/2016)

Scentia To Bring In Australian-Accredited Post-Graduate Programmes To Malaysia – TMR (13/10/2016)

Linda Archibald

Australian education and training provider Scentia Pte Ltd plans to roll out its programme targeting Malaysia’s corporate leaders and workforce.

Scentia plans to bring in graduate certificate, graduate diploma and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programmes to Malaysia via the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM) soon.

Both Scentia and MIM confirmed that plans are underway to bring the Australian-accredited programmes into the country soon though details have yet to be firmed up.

“Our corporate leaders and workforce will benefit from such courses. It will enhance the marketability and quality of the country’s workforce to serve an increasingly knowledge-based economy,” MIM CEO Sivanganam Rajaretnan tells The Malaysian Reserve.

Over the last two years, Scentia has been delivering Australian-accredited certificate and diploma programmes via MIM.

The new programmes will be delivered by the Australian Institute of Management Business School (AIMBS), one of Scentia’s four brands via both tech-based and blended training platforms.

Scentia group CEO Peter Mobbs said MIM and Scentia will look to gain Malaysian accreditation as well for the new programmes to be delivered.

“The partnership has been working out very well but we are both of the view that there are other opportunities around corporate training and higher education training. An example of that would be MIM delivering jointly with Scentia’s AIM Business School,” said Mobbs when met recently on the sidelines after his presentation on “Transformation in the Learning and Development (L&D) Landscape” in Petaling Jaya recently.

In his presentation, Mobbs said 90% of organisations globally have embarked on using e-learning content, while 86% of organisations use live online learning.

There is also an increasing trend of companies using mobile learning with 67% accounting for the use of mobile learning.

A strong advocate of tech-based and blended learning platforms, Mobbs believes to date only 55% of training programmes offered worldwide are offered entirely face-to-face.

Almost 20% of all training budgets have been spent on learning technologies.

“There’s no doubt that technology is playing an increasingly transformational role in the L&D field,” he said, referring to Learning and Development.

Scentia provides student offerings across corporate solutions, open programmes, vocational education and post graduate higher education.

Aside from AIMBS, Scentia also operates three other brands: AIM, Centre for Public Management and Ivy College.

Mobbs led the private equity-backed merger of his company, Ivy College, with the education arm of AIMBS — a 75-year-old brand. Mobbs is a director and significant shareholder of the merged group — Scentia — and is a non-ED of listed education company UCW Ltd.

Mobbs said Australia is Scentia’s primary target market with just about 1% of the company’s revenue coming from its foreign market segment, which it hopes to grow to about 10%.

“We hope to have delivery partners in other countries,” he said.

On the growth rate of online and blended learning versus traditional (face-to-face) learning, Mobbs estimated that the former is growing at 10% per annum over the next five years in Australia, while the latter is only under 2%.

Globally, he said the growth rate of online and blended learning globally is 45%, particularly in the corporate space.

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