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How You Can Boost Your Productivity in Just 10 Minutes

How You Can Boost Your Productivity in Just 10 Minutes

By: Asoka Bandara

The COVID-19 outbreak poses significant challenges to businesses and managers, globally. Many companies and industries need to brainstorm about how to manage and work effectively, inclusive of new leadership practices to manage and mitigate the negative business impact. One technique that can be adapted is experiential learning based on the “spiral of experience”. 

As prescribed by experiential learning theorists, managers learn from their experiences, when they spend quality time thinking about them. The Action-Observation-Reflection (A-O-R) model shows that leadership is enhanced when an experience is involved with the 3 processes- Action, Observation and Reflection ( Hughes, Ginet & Curphy book on Leadership)
Most managers are aware of their actions and observations but do not pay adequate attention to the consequences of their actions or reflect on its significance and meaning. Leadership development becomes more profound when leaders spend quality time reflecting on their actions and outcomes. This is called travelling along the “ Spiral of Experience”.
A study by Di Stefano, Gino et al., published in the Harvard Business Review, found that call centre employees who spent 15 minutes at the end of the day reflecting about lessons learned, performed 23% better after 10 days, than those who did not reflect.

So why not dedicate 10 minutes every evening, before retiring, to complete the A-O-R process and reflect on your daily key actions. This will undoubtedly prepare you to face new challenges with better clarity and confidence, tomorrow.

Asoka Bandara is a Management Consultant and Corporate Trainer based in Sri Lanka
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